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Amazing Grace

As you may have heard, my Dad passed away on January 17th. He was not in any pain and was surrounded by family in the days leading up to his final departure. He was a pastor, ventriloquist, magician, writer, husband, father, and my very best friend.

This is less a "blog" post and more of an acknowledgment of his importance upon not only the name of the Production Company "Red Braille" but also his influence on the upcoming feature film "Wretch Like Me". Both of which were inspired by my relationship with my him as well as our joint relationship with faith and film. You can read more blogs about these subjects HERE. You'll notice that in each of these previous blogs he is front and center because all of my life has lead to this one - and he helped guide me every step of the way.

I won't be sharing a lot of the details that lead to his passing but I will say that it's the hardest thing I've ever gone through in my life. He was a giant in my life and much of my heart feels empty without him.

That said, I will be sharing about this experience in the way he always encouraged me to explore such difficult things. I'll be working on revisions of the script "Wretch Like Me" in the coming weeks to inject it with some new found truths that I never could have known without feeling the joy and pain we've endured these past few days. In them, I've found the impact that the movie so desperately deserves and the conclusion that he always intended me to find.

All of this to say, my memorial will be on the big screen and it will encapsulate all that I want to say. A lifetime of teaching folded into a simple parable that sums up everything that I've learned from the man I love the most. I love you, Dad. I can't wait to see you again and tell you all about what I've done since. I'll work hard to make you proud. See you when the time is right. I know you don't want to see me a second before.

He passed beneath the images of those who had come before being held by the generations he left behind: How sweet the sound indeed.

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